Our Impact



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Your Direct Impact


We are so grateful for you! Your generous support of Avery's Hope has enabled Children's Hospital of Philadelphia to establish the GI Hope for Families Fund. Here are just a few examples of ways families have been significantly impacted by your incredibly generous donations:


 A 4-year-old patient had a lapse of insurance due to the unexpected loss of employment.

This fund allowed social work to provide the family with gift cards, which offset out-of-
pocket medication costs that became unaffordable due to the family’s recently reduced

income and loss of insurance. The family was able to cover the patient under a COBRA
plan the following month, which re-established insurance coverage while a new
employment opportunity was sought.

 An 18-year-old medically complex patient was ready for discharge after an admission to
the inpatient GI unit lasting two months. Due to a complex situation with this patient’s
primary insurance, discharge medications were not being covered. This fund allowed
social work to purchase one week of home medications, while the challenges with the
patient’s insurance company were worked through. Without this assistance, this
patient’s discharge would have been delayed, resulting in the patient staying in the
hospital even though they were medically cleared to transition home, as well as,
additional hospital charges.

 A medically complex 6-year-old that is closely followed has a central line for life-
sustaining nutrition. This patient’s home was without air conditioning and central line

dressings were needing to be changed more frequently than usual due to the heat and
sweat. More frequent central line dressing changes increase the risk of serious
infection. This fund allowed social work to provide assistance by helping the patient’s
mother purchase a window air conditioner unit to ensure cooler temperatures in the
home. This eliminated such frequent central line dressing changes and ultimately
reduced risk to the patient.

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia acknowledges a special commitment to its patients and their
families, and so has Avery’s Hope. For that, we remain so grateful for your support and look
forward to a continued partnership.